Amelia Cole and the Unknown World

Amelia ColeReady to dive head first into the unknown? Amelia Cole knows the way! Accustomed to a double life at an early age, she’s eager to find her own way in the world, even if that means leaving that world behind for good.

The comic ‘Amelia Cole and the Unknown World’ released by MonkeyBrain Comics is a good read for anyone interested in urban magic and adventure. The art is reminiscent of classic comics from the sixties, and really lends itself to the overall mood of the story. The first issue is a great introduction into this new realm where magic is infused into everyday life. There is a lot of information to get across, and the ‘show, don’t tell’ rule of writing really plays into the smooth flow of information to the reader.

My favorite thing about this comic? It’s just the right amount of drama! It won’t leave you heartbroken long after you’re done reading, but it’s got enough raw emotion that you will be drawn into the story and left wanting more! Oh, and you won’t see it pop up on the Hawkeye Initiative anytime soon!

So go forth and get this one for yourself! Just $1.99 per issue over at!


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