Been having a lot of fun with custom character sketches lately! This one is of Shaela Morgan. More info and more sketches over on the Patreon page!

JA AVOTS is now live!

Here’s the finished logo for JA AVOTS LLC, a dental lab in Redmond WA. We developed the website with Wix, and is live now at

Newest Virtue

Someone looks pissed. Virtue is now up to forty pages, with many more pages to go! I’ve got to pick up the pace!

Aquacast! is now up and running! Join the fun as The Bald Fish Guy brings you in depth info about marine species from all over the world.

Fireborn Concept Sketch

Here’s a quick mockup illustrating the younger generation of the Fireborn universe. All three are children of the previously illustrated Astor.

Everfree NW, 2012 and beyond!

Last year at Everfree NW here in Seattle, I decided to try my first cosplay, and made myself a Rainbow Dash wig! It was an awesome experience that I am looking forward to again this year! I would like to go as Pinkie Pie, but I will probably be saving …


The Road Back To Life

For the last couple of years I have had the privilege of sitting on the board of directors for The Road Back To Life, a group that helps support patients who are suffering from kidney disease. Please check it out and pass this along to those who may need it! …


Fireborn Mockup

This is from the comic that I will be working on after the other two comics I’m working to finish. Yes, I am so focused! The lady on the left is Aishe, and she is the lone survivor of her clan. On the right is Astor, her cousin and friend, …